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Offers / Workshops

are prepared, developed, and offered by the participants themselves.
Each participant thinks about whether he/she can and would like to enrich the BANJOREE with his/her own contributions.

The individual appointment blocks should take about 1 1/2 hours. (Shorter if desired). We plan the suggestions as far as possible in the workshop program by arrangement.

Here is a general overview of possible contributions and workshops:

Five String Banjo:

  1. Old Time, Folk, Clawhammer and 3 Finger Styles
  2. For beginners: Orientation – playing techniques, what is there anyway?
  3. Two Finger Picking
  4. Banjo Construction Symposium: Exchange on construction details, clay rings, etc.
  5. Gourd Banjos for testing
  6. Back Up Techniques
  7. Instrument and Music Bazaar

Guitar, mandolin, fiddle, dobro, double bass, and other instruments:

  1. Workshops on playing techniques - Beginners and cracks learn from former beginners (and vice versa)
  2. Workshops in different styles (bluegrass, old time, ragtime, etc.)
  3. Construction methods, discussions

Lectures on various topics:

  1. Music styles, history, instruments
  2. Singing, dance, stage, technique, presentation

Jams and workshops for:

  1. Folk, Oldtime, Bluegrass
  2. Clogging
  3. Stage


Your contribution to BANJOREE – Give and Take

The BANJOREE is co-designed by all participants. Everyone can get involved: for example, in jams, at the evening concerts, in the offer of workshops, lectures, passing on experiences, etc. or in the spontaneous exchange of knowledge. Talk to people if you want to learn a tune and be willing to show or teach others something yourself.