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Dear Oldtime & Bluegrass Fans,

in August, the four of the organizing team invited some banjoree activists to a working meeting on the cancelled Banjoree 2020 weekend and discussed the banjoree in general, discussed suggestions for improvement and considered the implementation of the Banjoree 2021. (Of course, we also had a lot of fun jamming around.)
As it is likely that Corona rules will also be observed next year, we have decided to offer two banjorees with 50 participants each in 2021.

Banjoree 2021/June: 06.17.- 06.20.2021 in the Proitzer Mühle
Banjoree 2021/August: 08.19.- 08.22. 2021 in the Proitzer Mühle

For the following year we hope to be able to organize a bigger banjoree again.
Banjoree 2022: 08.18.- 08.21.2022 in the Proitzer Mühle

As an innovation for 2021, we want to introduce another workshop format in which the individual wishes of the participants are explicitly addressed. Furthermore, we would like to encourage you all to think about offers and contributions and, if possible or useful, to offer and carry them out.
As a novelty, we are going to introduce "lunch break concerts". With this, we want to give groups and soloists an opportunity for a longer stage appearance. Playing time 30-60 minutes. (No "official" workshops are offered at lunchtime). Interested parties would have to register some time before the banjoree(s) so that we can plan a desired appearance.
We would like to point out once again that the "Banjoree" has neither club nor social status but consists only of a quartet that organizes a private meeting. The organizers have no commercial interests. All participating guests meet on an equal footing, actively participate in the design and execution of the meeting, lead workshops and participate in workshops and other musical and other events. In principle, no fees or fees are paid. The guests pay the costs for accommodation and meals directly to the seminar yard Proitzer Mühle and a small contribution for the organization expenses of the banjorees.This results in significantly lower prices than at other similar events.
Please follow us on this website. As soon as we have further information (due to the pandemic situation) we will let you know everything about the registration procedure, etc. In any case, the dates have been set.

Stay healthy!
Stay save and sound!
Stay alive and (k)picking!

Andreas, Kat, Uwe, Rainer

Kiel, Nov 9, 2020