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Veit Doehler: Banjo, advanced harmonies

Bruno van Hoek: BG Banjo

Elly Beurskens, Bruno van Hoek, Beppie Gasmann, Jan Pals: BG Band

Fred Hissink, Wim van de Weg: BG Banjo, Turtle Jam

Kjetil Holden: Mandolin

Peter Ellerbrock: Dobro

Gerhard Saller: Flatpicking Guitar, OT-Banjo

Caspar Noetzli: OT Banjo

Elizabeth Lamberti: OT Fiddle

John Shreve: Lecture, Singing

Stefan Bussemas: Barn Dances



BANJOREE 2023: Wednesday, August 16 - Sunday, August 20

  1. The number of participants is expected to be between 100 and 110 people. The organization team reserves the right to make changes.
  2. To make the best possible use of the time and the seats, the entire time (Wednesday to Sunday) should be booked and of course visited. Therefore, participants who come from Wednesday to Sunday will be given preferential treatment when registering in case of doubt – if a weighing up cannot be avoided.
  3. The registration takes place in the form of an e-mail to the Proitzer Mühle (see REGISTRATION below in the text)
  4. A negative corona self-test is expected at check-in.


This year, Proitzer Mühle charges the following prices for its services, prices including full board, per person and per night:

  1. Single room: 85 €
  2. Double room: 65 €
  3. Multiple bedroom: 55 €
  4. WoMo/tent/mattress costs: 50 €
  5. Full board with self-organized accommodation off site: 50 €
  6. A linen set if required: 10 € (bed linen and towels can be brought by yourself)
  7. One-time obligatory booking surcharge of 5 € p.P. to the Proitzer Mühle on the total price
  8. One-time obligatory organizational fee of 25 € p.P. goes to the BANJOREE team (we ask you to pay this in cash directly to the BANJOREE on site)

Dogs can be brought by arrangement (cleaning surcharge of 8 € per pet and night. Dogs are not allowed in the dining room and the Great Hall and only in selected rooms.


  1. Workshops:
    The BANJOREE offers WORKSHOPS for specific instruments and specific themes, held by selected musicians. In doing so, we strive for diversity and balance and, of course, for quality.
  2. Offers:-
    Further courses / symposia / activities are prepared, developed and offered by the participants themselves.- Each participant considers whether he/she can and would like to enrich the BANJOREE with his/her own contributions. Please let us know your ideas and suggestions after your registration at the BANJOREE is confirmed. E-mail to
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    The individual appointment blocks should take about 1 -1 1/2 hours. We plan the proposals as far as possible into the workshop program after consultation.

This year's workshop program and the names of the contributors will be published on the website as soon as it is confirmed.


Registration starts: 07 May 2023, 12:00 noon

Please send your registration for the BANJOREE by e-mail to the Proitzer Mühle:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and provide the following information:

  1. Check-in and departure dates
  2. Number of people
  3. Full names of all persons to be registered
  4. Type of accommodation (single, double, multi-bed room, dormitory, camp/tent)
  5. with which person(s) you might want to share a room
  6. Desired room number – e.g., for those who have already been here and would like to have the same room as before (no guarantee of fulfillment, but we are trying😊)
  7. Dietary requirements: e.g., vegetarian, (for vegan/gluten-free/lactose-free surcharge 8€ p.N.p.P)
  8. If a separate invoice is required: please enter the correct address!

Your registrations will be processed by mailbox receipt date and time.
Please send your registrations to the mill only from 7 May 12:00 o'clock. E-mails received in advance will not be considered!

You will receive a confirmation email from the Proitzer Mühle, only then your booking is successfully completed. On 23.07.2023 you will receive the payment details from the Proitzer Mühle - from then on you can transfer.

Please read the information carefully, and send as much necessary data as possible by e-mail to the Proitzer Mühle.
You can also print this information as a PDF to have all the information ready (see below).